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License – Photoshop Action Packs

Licensing for Photoshop Action Packs

When purchasing our Photoshop action packs:

  • Users are granted ongoing and non-transferable worldwide use of the Photoshop action pack.
  • Personal customers are granted one seat, or license, to install and use the Photoshop action pack on an unlimited number of your own computers for personal use.
  • Commercial or business customers are required to purchase a license for each user.
  • Photographs or creations made using our Photoshop actions are unrestricted regarding end use and may be sold or distributed in any way.
  • An unlimited number of end products may be created using our Photoshop actions.
  • Distributing or sharing our Photoshop actions packs is prohibited, even if they are unused by you — i.e., the license is non-transferable. This includes distributing the actions in an end product.