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“It’s nice to know that there are some simple, effective, 1-click processing solutions out there. The Milky Way Finishing actions that PhotographingSpace.com created do just that – add immediate clarity, crispness, and pop to your Milky Way image with just a click of the mouse. I’ll use them again and again.”

-Brian Drourr, Brian Drourr Photography


“Here is what I like: my own actions require lots of slider adjustments and trial and error, but these actions limit that process by making it way faster. I love to have control, but I can easily spend 5 minutes adjusting the feathering in my star reduction method, which is ridiculous. So, now I just apply ClariSKY, MiniSTARS, and EasyNR. Guys, this makes me really happy!”

-Manuel Palacios, @Zone3Photo

Not sure what Photoshop Actions are? Curious?

Click here to learn more about Photoshop Actions — what are they and how are they used!

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