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Image of the Year 2016

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We want to reward the hard-working astrophotographers

Give us your sleep-deprived adventure-seekers, your night owls, coffee-drinkers, and obsessive cosmic wonderers. We’ve partnered with Celestron in 2016 to award the best of the best!

The Image of the Year competition is now CLOSED for 2016

Submissions for 2017 will be open in February 2017

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Overall winner

$2,000.00 (USD)
of Celestron gear

The overall winning image will be chosen by online vote consisting of PhotographingSpace.com readers out of a pool consisting of a selected top 12 shortlist.

A prize of $2000.00 (USD) worth of Celestron merchandise of the winner’s choice will be awarded to the winning entry.

Top 12 shortlist

$50.00 (USD)
of Celestron gear 

The top 12 shortlisted image submissions will be chosen from all submitted entries by a judging panel consisting of the PhotographingSpace.com team.

Each top 12 shortlisted entry will be awarded with $50.00 (USD) worth of Celestron merchandise of the winner’s choice.

Celestron* Merchandise catalog options will be supplied by Celestron, LLC, after the winners are chosen.

Competition rules

The image(s) submitted must meet the following requirements in order to be chosen for a top 12 shortlisted finalist or overall winner:

  • The image(s) submitted must be your own sole original work
  • The image(s) must have been acquired no earlier than January 1, 2015
  • The data used to create the image(s) must have been acquired by the submitter (i.e. no Hubble data, etc.)
  • Wide-field night-sky nightscapes and telescopic astronomical images will be accepted for consideration

Please read the terms and conditions.

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