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20 Quick Tips for Photographing Planets [Star Stuff Video Series]

How to get the most out of your telescope for photographing planets properly.

In this episode of the Star Stuff Video Series, I share 20, yes TWENTY(!), tips for capturing the planets well from one backyard astronomer to another. “Get Lucky” fingerstyle cover music played by me with a loop pedal. I thought it was an appropriate soundtrack for lucky imaging!

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Hope this helps you get lucky with the planets this opposition season, and share your images with me in the comments below!

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Dylan O'Donnell

Dylan O’Donnell is an Australian web developer, Director of DNA Digital and zen10 Australia and public science communicator. He has a Masters of Information Technology and his astrophotography been featured by NASA and ESA among others. He is also a member of Team Celestron where he also contributes. To date, two of his images have been selected for NASA Astronomy Photo of the Day (APOD).

See more of Dylan’s work on his website.

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