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Image of the Week, April 16, 2018

The Pillar, by Alastair Woodward

Image details

This image shows a large, straight pillar structured solar prominence in Hydrogen Alpha. It was relatively short lived, appearing then disappearing within a matter of hours.

This image was acquired using a Sky Watcher 120mm Evostar f/8 achromat refractor on a HEQ5 Pro GOTO mount, a Daystar Quark Chromosphere Hydrogen alpha eyepiece (using a 2″ IR/UV cut filter as the energy rejection filter) and a Point Grey Blackfly mono CMOS camera.

The image was shot at a focal length of almost 3.5m (f/8 and the 4.3x internal barlow of the Quark) and is comprised of a stack of 70% of the best frames from 30 seconds of video footage, shot at 42 frames per second. I’ve false coloured the image to make it more appealing.

The video footage was captured using Firecapture. The footage was aligned and stacked using Autostakkert and then processed in IMPPG (for deconvolution and sharpening) and Photoshop for levels and colourisation.

About the photographer

Alastair Woodward
Location: United Kingdom
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr

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