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Image of the Week, July 2, 2018

Crescent in context, by Tudor Chibacu

Image details

This is my first venture in narrowband imaging with an H-alpha and O3 combo. With a focal length of 340mm my favorite thing is to play with framing, so I wanted to include more than just the Crescent here. Vdb130 is the bright Ha emission nebula that extends almost like a hand trying to catch the “brain” (Crescent). Very faint but also in the image is the Soap Bubble Nebula. I blended the Ha and O3 data as RGB and used a synthetic luminance made from both data sets. Sequence Generator for capture and PixInsight for processing.

Shot over 4 nights in May for an approximate 11 hrs of data.

Gear used

Telescope: William Optics 71mm APO reduced at 336mm focal length
Camera: QHY163m cooled at -20C
Mount: Celestron AVX
Filters: Optolong 7nm Ha and 6.5nm O3

About the photographer

Tudor Chibacu
Location: Canada
Website, AstrobinInstagram

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