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Image of the Week, October 07, 2019

VdB141 : Ghost nebula in Cepheus

VdB141: Ghost nebula in Cepheus, by Auroux Jean-Baptiste 

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VdB141 is a very faint nebula located in Cepheus, close to the more famous Iris Nebula (NGC 7023). VdB141 is just a small part of the molecular cloud complex of Cepheus, approx. 1200 light-years away, but shows some dense cores collapsing in the early stages of star formation.

TSA-102 (f/6)
CCD AtikOne6
LRGB image
L: 33 x 900s bin1
RGB: 3 x (7 x 300s bin2)
PixInsight & Photoshop

Total integration: 10 hours
31 May & 1st June 2019 – Chenoise (France)

About the photographer

Auroux Jean-Baptiste
Location: France

Website, Facebook, Astrobin, Instagram

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