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Milky Way Tutorial Wide Field

How to Find and Plan Milky Way Shots with PhotoPills

PhotoPills Milky Way

How to use PhotoPills to help find and plan the Milky Way in seconds

We went to one of the most beautiful locations we know to show you all the secrets behind Milky Way planning with the PhotoPills app and how you can apply them to your photography.



Here’s what you’re going to learn in this video

  • How you can plan any Milky Way photo you can imagine in just seconds
  • The two key Milky Way facts that will make the planning a lot easier
  • The period of the year the Core of the Milky Way is visible
  • The exact months when you can have the Milky Way completely horizontal, forming a diagonal or completely vertical
  • Three Step-by-Step real examples on Milky Way planning, including a panorama of the Milky Way arching above a lighthouse

And MUCH more!

Happy Milky Way hunting!
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About the author


Germán, Joan, Antoni and Rafael are the small group of friends behind PhotoPills, the app any astrophotographer should have. They do not only make the coolest app to help us turn our ideas into real images, but also write high quality step-by-step tutorials to help us actually nail our shots.

PhotoPills is all about having fun imagining, planning and shooting legendary photos and also receiving awards on the go. You know, photography is all about creativity, and these guys do want to keep us all motivated by rewarding the most creative shots with more than $5000 every year.

Learn more about the tutorials and awards on their website: photopills.com.

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