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YouTube Astrophotography Resources

YouTube Resources

Looking for some video resources to improve your astrophotography skills? We’ve curated this list that will help you capture and edit stellar wide field photos, panoramas, and star trails! Improve your skills with the following astrophotography resources.

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1. How to Process the Milky Way using Adobe Lightroom CC

A tutorial explaining how to enhance the colours and quality of the Milky Way using Adobe Lightroom CC, by Michael Shainblum.

2. How To: Beginner DSLR Night Sky Astrophotography by PhotographingSpace.com

How to photograph the Milky Way and more with your DSLR camera! We discuss camera settings, dealing with noise and processing examples, by Cory and Tanja Schmitz.

3. Panorama Astrophotography Process (Part 1) – an Astrophotobear Tutorial

Part 1 of 2. Capturing astrophotography panoramas – a shoot Michael Goh did at the Pinnacles in Western Australia with a setting Milky Way. This video has some pre-processing and PTGui Pro processes. Check out Michael’s YouTube channel for Part 2 which describes the Photoshop and Lightroom processing, by Michael Goh

4. How To Edit Star Trails Photos using StarStax and Photoshop

Some quick editing tips when creating star trails using StarStax and Photoshop. This tutorial will help you blend and create cleaner star trail images, by Milky Way Mike.

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About the author

Tanja Schmitz

Tanja is the co-founder of PhotographingSpace.com with her husband, Cory. She is also the co-owner of several telescopes and Celestron mounts, too many cameras, and not enough hard drive space.

An internationally commissioned and published astrophotographer, her work has been used in multiple online and print publications. Tanja was also shortlisted for the Astronomy Photographer of the Year award.

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