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Announcement: 2016 Image of the Year Finalists

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The top 12 Image of the Year finalists for 2016 have been chosen, now it’s time for you to choose the overall winner!

Writing to notify the top 12 Image of the Year finalists was one the most enjoyable emails I have written for PhotographingSpace.com. What a year 2016 has been! Over 300 entries for our Image of the Week competition had to be filtered first into weekly winners, and then our team battled to narrow it down to these top 12 finalists!

Now it’s your turn to place your vote

We’re doing something a little different than the other competitions. We are trusting you, the reader, to have a critical eye and help us choose the best image from our curated top 12 finalists. It’s an easy online vote, and can be changed by simply re-voting anytime until the close of voting on January 30, 2017, 12:00 UTC

Thanks to our sponsor, Celestron, we are able to offer some fantastic prizes for not just the overall winner ($2,000 in Celestron gear!), not just the top 12 finalists ($50 each in Celestron gear!), but you as well! Just by voting, you will be entered into a randomized drawing for a $100 Celestron voucher.

So without further ado, we give you the 2016 top 12 Image of the Year finalists! Make your choice and spread the word!

View the 2016 Top 12 Image of the Year Finalists!


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Cory Schmitz

Co-founder of PhotographingSpace.com, co-owner of several telescopes and mounts, too many cameras, and not enough hard drives, Cory is an American expat living in South Africa with his wife, Tanja Schmitz.

An avid astrophotographer for timelapse, deep-space imaging, lunar, planetary, and star trail imagery, he is an all-around jack-of-most-trades for night-sky photography.

He is also an internationally published and commissioned astrophotographer, where his photos have been used in multiple online and print publications.

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