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Image of the Week, February 26, 2016

Adam Block v1025 Taus

v1025 Tauri, by Adam Block

This beautiful image of v1025 Tauri and reflection molecular nebula was acquired and processed by Adam Block on a 32-inch telescope in LRGB with 35 total hours of exposure time.

Optics 32-inch Schulman Telescope (RCOS)
Camera SBIG STX16803 CCD Camera
Filters Astrodon Gen II
Dates November – December 2015
Location Mount Lemmon SkyCenter
Exposure LRGB = 14 : 7 : 7 : 7 Hours
Acquisition Astronomer Control Panel (ACP),  Maxim DL/CCD (Cyanogen), FlatMan XL (Alnitak)
Processing CCDStack, Photoshop, PixInsight

Image details source

About the photographer:

Adam Block
Location: USA


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