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Image of the Week, March 18, 2016

Alvaro rosette

Open Cluster and Dark Nebula of the Rosette, Álvaro Ibáñez Pérez

In this close-up view of the Rosette Nebula, you can see the colors of the open star cluster formed by the material that makes up the surrounding nebulous area. Also visible are the dark and dense details around the inner region of the nebula.

About the image:

Telescope: TS115 Triplet APO refractor
Reducer: TS Optics 0,79x
Mount: NEQ6 Pro II Tuning Belts + EQMOD
Camera: CCD Atik 460EX mono + Baader HaRGB
Guider: Lunático EZG-60 + SXLodestar
Focus: RoboFocus + FocusMax
Acquisition: MaximDL

Focal length only 632mm!

RGB light and Ha light from Pioz, Guadalajara (Spain)

Ha: 38x300s bin1 -10ºC
R: 5x300s bin1 -10ºC
G: 5x300s bin1 -10ºC
B: 5x300s bin1 -10ºC

About the photographer:

Álvaro Ibáñez Pérez
Location: Spain
Twitter, Flickrwebsite


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