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Image of the Week, September 16, 2016

nicolas kizilian sh2 129 ou4

Sharpless 129 and OU4, by Nicolas Kizilian

The blue nebula, OU4, is so faint that it hasn’t been discovered until 2011 by Nicolas Outters. It took me 19h20 of exposure with a OIII (Oxygen) filter to capture it, and 6 more hours with a Ha (Hydrogen alpha) filter to get Sh2-129, for a total exposure of 25h20m from my backyard near Paris.

Read more about the fabulous story of the OU4 discovery!

Technical data

William Optics ZenithStar 66
Moravian G2-8300
Astrodon 5nm Ha and OIII filters
Ha: 36 x 600 sec
OIII: 58 x 1200 sec.

About the photographer

Nicolas Kizilian
Location: France
WebsiteTwitter, FacebookGoogle+


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