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Image of the Week, October 21, 2019

NGC 3628 – Hamburger Galaxy
by Andy Chatman and colleagues

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NGC 3628, named the Hamburger Galaxy, is an unbarred spiral galaxy in the constellation Leo, approximately 35 million light years from Earth. Along with Messier galaxies M 65 and M 66, it forms the Leo Triplet, a small galaxy group. It derives its name from its appearance, with a puffy bulging galactic disk obscured by dark dust lanes. The galaxy’s tidal tail (upper left) resulting from interaction with another galaxy may be up to 300,000 light years long.

More than 23 hours of data was collected at the Dark Sky Observatory Collaborative (DSOC) in Ft. Davis, TX using SC Observatory’s remote Planewave CDK 17″ f/6.8 scope, in collaboration with:
John Kasianowicz, Josh Balsam, Mike Selby, Dhaval Brahmbhatt, Scott Johnson, Mike Bushell, Rich Johnson

Image processing: Andy Chatman and Mike Selby

About the Submitter

Submitter: Andy Chatman
Submitter’s Location: Thailand
Facebook, Flickr, 500px

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