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Image of the Week, May 20, 2016

Paul Williamson Mercury Transit in Ha

Transit of Mercury, by Paul Williamson

The Mercury transit as viewed from the UAE on 9 May 2016.

After a delayed start due to technical difficulties (CLOUDS!!!) the sky cleared and allowed me to run the sequence required to capture the transit of Mercury using my Lunt 60Ha scope, a x2 Barlow and a ZWO ASI 174 mono camera. The final product is a 15-panel mosaic with false colour applied during processing.

Unfortunately in the UAE we were only treated to a partial transit due to being UTC +4, but worth braving the 40C+ degree heat to capture.

About the photographer

Paul Williamson
Location: United Arab Emirates


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  • Beautiful! It was cloudy all day here, so don’t feel bad about your technical difficulties 😉

    And our Moon is smaller than this… And Mercury is 58 million km away from the Sun… respect to the Sun!!

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