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Image of the Week, May 27, 2016

Carlton de Souza Milky Way windmill

Fuerteventura Milky Way, by Carlton de Souza

We spent all night chasing the skies for the milky way. It was our first day of holidays in Fuerteventura. We literally got off the plane, dropped our luggage in the hotel and off we went in search of clear skies.

Things looked bleak as there was cloud all over. From 12 midnight we drove through hills and valleys looking for clear skies as well as some interest in the foreground. We eventually found a spot with an old windmill, however thick cloud covered the skies. So we sat and drank some coffee to keep our dozy eyes open. Cold & shivering, I finally saw a spot clear through the clouds. I quickly recomposed my shot and fired away. It was 6am. All the wait had surely paid off.

Shot on my Canon 6D with 24-70mm f/2.8 lens.

About the photographer

Carlton de Souza
Location: United Kingdom


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